The specialized approach

to group benefits and pension management.

When benefits plans are based only on history without an eye to the future, plan sponsors are often unable to adapt to new expenses.

Plans don’t change the past; they structure the future.

By leveraging group drug discounts and long-term pricing guarantees, you can make the most of every dollar in your benefits budget. This makes it easier to forecast future expenses with confidence, so you can optimise spending and more effectively manage your funds.

Build a benefits plan tailored to your unique needs.

We collaborate with you to design a custom group benefits & pension plan that works for your people and your budget. Our team will identify wasteful spending within your existing plan through our claims & costing analysis – this frees up budget for your HR team to enhance other areas and implement new initiatives.

The ProBenefits Approach™

Many HR professionals are not aware of the risks involved with disability claims within their existing plans. We provide a comprehensive risk management analysis to help you identify your current reality and make better business decisions based on real data. The outcome is a report which highlights areas that can expose your company to liabilities.

Our Story

Employee benefits plans are most effective when incorporated into a clear vision for the future. 

This is why we created the ProBenefits plan. It allows for cost control through proactively integrating plans into growing companies. We specialise in providing formal, expert-driven plans that cut out waste and protect against rising costs from Day 1. We analyse and incorporate the potential liabilities unique to your business, so preparation takes the place of damage control and long-term savings take the place of short-term discounts. 

Through a combination of personalised service and disciplined cost-containment strategies, we minimise your risk, limit expenses, and develop viable employee benefits plans that will reward your company as a whole.

We provide benefits plans that are of value to your business, not a drain on your resources. Our process builds sustainable plans by leveraging risk-conscious and cost-effective strategies customised through regular communication with key stakeholders, so your business is equipped to handle whatever the future may bring.

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ProBenefits represents innovation and efficiency in benefits and pension planning.

We focus on developing strategies for leading-edge benefits and pension plans built around your company’s unique needs and features. We rely on the up-to-date knowledge that comes from our specialization, and we also succeed in creating plans that work because of our commitment to customization.

We negotiate on your behalf with the various providers, but work separately to ensure you receive truly independent advice. This entails learning your company’s philosophy on employee benefits and pensions, meticulously examining liability and health care costs, building a plan around the information we have gathered, and educating plan sponsors and members at each stage of the process.

Through ongoing industry education and a formal process, we prevent benefits and pension plans from becoming obsolete or sources of financial strain, and ensure that they work in tandem with your company’s overall business plan.

Pro Solutions

ProBenefits and the 4 Quadrant System

Revolutionizing Benefits Management:

Keeping Plans Sustainable

When it comes to benefits plans, cost-containment is central, especially with steadily increasing health care costs. Still, it’s common for consultants to look only to traditional techniques to reduce costs and, in doing so, only scratch the surface of potential savings.

That’s why we ask new clients The 4 Quadrant question; How do you keep your benefits plan sustainable?

Oftentimes, they have not taken advantage of the other 3 quarters of sustainable plan management.

A Revolution in Pension Performance and Risk Management

Pensions are inherently long-term, with a significant influence over the future of a company’s employees. Performance is an ongoing consideration, as it must meet the needs of employees while markets evolve over time.

That’s why it is important for pension plan managers to practice conservative money management on an active and ongoing basis. However, while the cost of group benefits consistently rises, the performance of company pension plans often steadily declines.

Our 4 Quadrant System addresses multiple factors that many companies do not incorporate into pension plans, so we ask our clients: How do you manage performance and risk in your pension plan?
Oftentimes, they have not taken advantage of the other 3 quarters of sustainable plan management:

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