The ProBenefits Approach

A better way to manage Pensions and Group Benefits.

STEP 1 - Exchange and Learn
During our first meeting, we encourage you to describe your intentions and overall philosophy with regards to employee group benefits plans, which will determine how we will conduct the rest of the process.

STEP 2 - Intensive Review
Here we assess plan design, long-term viability and cost patterns. In addition, taxation and company liability issues will be reviewed through a disciplined and formal process. We isolate signs of any issues likely to arise in the future as well as opportunities to contain rising costs, so we can develop a sustainable plan that will always be affordable.

STEP 3 - Customized Group Plan
From the information we have gathered, we develop a completely customized ProBenefits Plan that addresses both the needs of the employees and the goals of the employer. At this stage we provide a customized service agreement that details our service levels and commitment.

STEP 4 - Monitor and Communicate
In addition to day to day plan management we regularly review plan design, ensure billings accuracy and monitor usage. If any issues arise, we will contact you to review.

STEP 5 - Efficiency Meetings
We conduct regular meetings to ensure cost containment, highlight potential liability issues, outline tax and administrative concerns as well as any policies and procedures that need to be reviewed.