4 Quadrant System ™

A Revolution in Pension Performance and Risk Management

Pensions are inherently long-term, with a significant influence over the future of a company's employees. Performance is an ongoing consideration, as it must meet the needs of employees while markets evolve over time.

That's why it is important for pension plan managers to practice conservative money management on an active and ongoing basis. However, while the cost of group benefits consistently rises, the performance of company pension plans often steadily declines.

Our 4 Quadrant System addresses multiple factors that many companies do not incorporate into pension plans, so we ask our clients: How do you manage performance and risk in your pension plan?

Oftentimes, they have not taken advantage of the other 3 quarters of sustainable plan management:

You have to stay ahead of the curve to achieve performance and structure that serve employees well, while remaining compliant to legislation. The difference is a proactive approach, and it makes for a successful plan.