Our Story

Plans Don't Change The Past;
They Structure The Future.

Employee benefits plans are most effective when treated like any other type of planning - incorporated into a vision of the future.

When benefits plans are based only on history without an eye to the future, they don't account for the health care costs that will increase in the coming years, and companies are often unable to adapt to the new expenses.

This is why we created the ProBenefits plan, it allows for cost control through proactively integrating plans into growing companies. We specialize in providing formal, expert-driven plans that cut out waste and protect against rising costs from the start, we analyze and incorporate the potential liabilities unique to your business, so that preparation takes the place of damage control, and long-term saving takes the place of short-term discounts. It is through a combination of personalized service and disciplined cost containment strategy that we minimize risk as well as expenses, and develop viable employee benefits plans that will reward your company as a whole.