Open communication prevents cost increases

Jan / 13 / 2014

There’s no question that, in the past decade or so, the quantity and nature of employer liability has changed significantly, and the risk of unexpected costs has changed with it.

For instance, in Grams v. Maple Leaf Metal Industries 2006 ABQB 146, an employee enrolled in the plan late, and according to the policy, would have to go through a different registration process. This he was not able to do in the time before the claim was made, making him ineligible for the coverage. However, the court still found the company 50% responsible because they did not adequately advise the employee on the consequences of applying for benefits late.

We’ve seen that the trend in these cases is to place the onus on the employer to make up the gap in communication.

Putting in place more thorough education or counsel programs around benefits, then, could be just as instrumental in preventing costs as the more traditional cost-containment strategies implemented at yearly renewal.

Our Service Guarantee

Jan / 13 / 2014

We are confident that our offering is like none other in the industry, so we provide a guarantee that follows suit. If we can’t save you money on your plan, we’ll save you the cost of our services.

This means that, in our efforts to build innovative, efficient benefits and pension plans with high levels of ongoing service, if we do not meet or exceed client expectations, we will refund 100% of our annual service fees.

As proud as we are to have established this service guarantee, we are more proud of the fact that not a single client has experienced a level of service that has led them to request the compensation.